About Conference


IWAN center for cultural heritage and the Architectural department in Faculty of Engineering in the Islamic University of Gaza are organizing the 4th International Conference on Rehabilitation of Historic Sites and Buildings within the Modern Requirements which will be held on 23-24 April 2019 at the Islamic University of Gaza (IUG). This conference is held to celebrate the “World Heritage Day” which is considered by the UNESCO to be on 18 April every year to enhance awareness of the importance of cultural heritage.

Rehabilitation and preservation of architectural heritage is considered one of the significant factors of sustainable development, and contributes effectively in the growth of economic field and social life. This conference provides great opportunities to share new ideas, to present successful projects, and to provide the latest strategies for protecting and conserving the historic sites and buildings throughout the world.

The conference seeks to bring together all key players including architects, engineers, planners, professionals, stakeholders, decision makers and involved researchers and academics worldwide to exchange knowledge and experiences and to discuss the latest findings related to the topic of rehabilitation of historic sites and buildings within the modern requirements. All interested researchers are invited to submit their papers in one of the conference main topics, or in any other relevant subjects.

An exhibition is organized to present different items of cultural heritage.


Conference Aims:

  •  Preserving Palestinian cultural heritage.
  •  Developing strategies and plans for rehabilitation of architectural cultural heritage within modern requirements.
  •  Facilitating economic development through the rehabilitation of Palestinian architectural cultural heritage.
  •  Sharing experiences and enhancing the national and international relations in field of architectural cultural heritage.

Conference Language:

  • Arabic
  • English

Important Dates

January 10, 2019

Deadline for abstracts submission

February 25,2019   

Deadline for papers submission

March 15, 2019       

Notification of Acceptance


Conference Committees

Conference Chairman:

  • Prof. Abdl Kareem Mohsen

Conference Coordinator:

  • Nashwa Alramlawi

Advisory Committee:

  • Dr. Bassam Tayeh
  • Dr. Osama Alesawi
  • Dr. Yousef Elmansi
  • Dr. Jamal Abu RidahEng. Muhammed Elwazeer

Chairman of Organizing Committee:

  • Prof. Mohammed Elkahlot

Members of Organizing Committee:

  • Prof. Nader Alnamara
  • Dr. Suhair Ammar
  • Dr. Sanaa Saleh
  • Dr. Bassam Tayeh
  • Dr. Ahmed Alastal
  • Arch. Mahmoud Albalawi
  • Arch. Nashwa Alramlawi
  • Mr. Rami Ruhmi
  • Mr. Muhammed Soboh

Chairman of Scientific Committee:

  • Dr. Suhair Ammar

Members of Scientific Committee:            

  •  Prof. Farid Elqeeq
  •  Prof. Ahmed Muhaisen   
  •  Prof. Omar Asfour                           
  •  Prof. Khafallah Abu Gumaa              
  •  Prof. Deeb Belqasem                        
  •  Prof. Muhammed Abu Elmajd Mahmoud 
  •  Prof. Hassan Elsayed Hassan           
  •  Prof. Ameer Dhair
  • Dr. Akram Ijla                     
  •  Dr. Sanaa Saleh                               
  •  Dr. Nihad Almughany                     
  •  Dr. Khalid Qamheya                       
  •  Dr. Ghassan Weshah                      

Chairman of Media Committee:

  • Mr. Rami Ruhmi

Members of Media Committee:

  •   Mr. Muhammed Soboh
  •   Mr. Said Abu Qaren
  •   Ms. Heba Elbalawi
  •   Mr. Muatasem Ghrab
  •   Mr. Muhammed Elqahwagi
  •   Arch. Salah Albattniji

Exhibition Committee:

  •   Nashwa Alramlawi
  •   Nesma Elsaqqa
  •   Reema Elshorafa
  •   Sundus Mushtaha 



  Papers should be send by email: ic4ch@iugaza.edu.ps

 Full Paper manuscripts should be written in accordance to the guidelines of the Islamic University- Gaza Journal.